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Dr Pablo Jeczmien

Author: Dr Pablo JeczmienConsultant Psychiatrist

My ADHD diagnosis has brought sense and order to my life. This, combined with medication and therapy, has been life changing.
Tony, London

For many adults with undiagnosed ADHD, everyday tasks, maintaining successful employment, and relationships can be more difficult. It’s common for undiagnosed people with ADHD to have very low self-esteem as struggle to understand why they find some things difficult when others don’t. Untreated ADHD can even have serious implications, with research showing that adults with undiagnosed ADHD are more likely to have car accidents or get involved in criminal activity.

An ADHD diagnosis can:

  • Help someone understand why they struggle with certain tasks and activities
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Identify effective treatment plans
  • Enable provision to support education and employment
  • Help others understand why things might be difficult

People thought I was stupid, and so did I. From an early age, I struggled with education and didn’t understand what was wrong with me. My self-esteem became steadily worse, and despite my achievements, I grew anxious about being able to succeed. Once I had my diagnosis and was on the right treatment plan, everything changed.

Alex, Cardiff

How to get an ADHD Diagnosis

A psychiatrist is needed to diagnose ADHD. They will need detailed information about your experiences in childhood and as an adult, teamed with information gathered in evidence-based questionnaires. Psychiatrists will also assess you for other common mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder to ensure that they can recommend the right treatment plan.

If you think you might have ADHD, a diagnosis could help you make sense of behaviours and past decisions. Various treatments, including medication and therapy, can help manage all kinds of challenges, but the first step is to get an assessment.


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It was clear that the Psychiatrist really understood ADHD and the difficulties it can result in. They gave me some excellent, very personalised recommendations that have really helped me. I feel like I was treated as an individual and not just another name.

Simon, Nottingham

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