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There are some very effective routine treatments for ADHD and ADD in adults involving medication and talking therapies.

Most clinicians would agree that the most effective solution to treat the core symptoms is to use a combination of different approaches. Talking therapies can help deal with any residual issues that remain once medication has stabilised as well as help develop effective coping strategies.

How can behavioural therapies help in the treatment for ADHD / ADD?

Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on the way thoughts and beliefs about oneself and the world around you influence how you act. The aim is to learn more about our emotional responses to situations, which can often not be helpful and hold one back.

  • Helps adults improve necessary executive functions such as time management, organisation and planning skills
  • Coping mechanisms for dealing with problems areas are taught, for instance breaking large, unpleasant tasks down into smaller, manageable components
  • Helps the patient improve emotional regulation, impulse control and stress management
  • Helps the patient deal with the common comorbidities that accompany ADHD, such as anxiety and depression
  • Limits behavioural symptoms
  • Helps deal with frustration caused by family members and others
  • Psychoeducation can help the patient learn about their condition and manage medication

Clinical Partners also have family therapists who are able to work with the whole family to support the sufferer by recognising and defusing the symptoms of ADHD.

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  • Many thanks for this and all your work in helping us get here far more swiftly than we have managed with the NHS. It is much appreciated, and you and Dr Chowdhury have helped greatly in relieving the stress we have been feeling by getting us to a place where we know what is going on, and what we need to do for our son.

  • I would recommend Clinical Partners to anyone who has been struggling with getting a diagnosis, it can totally transform your lives as it has ours.

  • I was fed up with life when I contacted Katie at Clinical Partners, her response to my call and the support thereafter kept me alive.

  • Dr Alison was very caring and approachable. Your approach and response to my call will be remembered for a very long time.

  • Just saw J. He wanted me to tell you how much he appreciated the way you spoke to him on the phone Caroline. He said you made him feel human again when he felt quite suicidal. He was really pleased he was seen so quickly.

  • We met with the doctor today, he was great, we felt at ease with him, he was very professional in his approach and obviously knew what he was doing! Thank you for your help in arranging such a quick appointment.

  • SO grateful to Clinical Partners - well Simon - for the confirmation of NOT having Cyclothymia. Am attempting now to stabilise and get well - something I was told would not happen when diagnosed with Cyclothymia (for life!).

  • I would like to thank the Clinical Partners staff for asking about us. I like to let you know that M's physical and psychological health is great. With my best regards and respect.

  • You have been fantastic at helping T see the help he can get and I am so grateful. Again thank you so much, I really do appreciate the efforts you have put in.

  • Thank you for setting us (and me in particular) off down the road. I will always be grateful to you, and I do feel that you spent a lot of time on my case without much reward.

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