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Dr Pablo Jeczmien

Author: Dr Pablo JeczmienConsultant Psychiatrist

We offer various treatments for people with ADHD, including talking therapy and medication. These treatments can help by relieving symptoms and reducing the impact that ADHD has on daily tasks and activities. Treatment is always tailored to an individual's needs and can involve medicine or therapy, but the most effective treatment often combines both approaches.

For years I have struggled with everyday things and feel like I have had to work doubly hard to achieve the same result. I never felt like I was good enough. After some CBT, I now realise a lot of that was embedded into my head and have begun to believe I can achieve more than I thought.

Angela, Bristol


If you think you might have ADHD, a diagnosis could help you make sense of behaviours and past decisions. Various treatments, including medication and therapy, can help manage all kinds of challenges, but the first step is to get an assessment.


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Therapy for ADHD

If you've spent most of your life not knowing you have ADHD, it's common to develop low self-esteem and negative beliefs about yourself. You may have always felt that you were somehow in the wrong, badly behaved or useless at doing things. These negative beliefs can become firmly set in our minds and be hard to change, which is where therapy can be highly effective.

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Medication for ADHD

Medication can reduce symptoms, helping you learn and practice techniques that make the issues you struggle with easier to manage.

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