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Dr Pablo Jeczmien

Author: Dr Pablo JeczmienConsultant Psychiatrist

There are three main subtypes of ADHD. Knowing which one you have is key to ensuring you have the right treatment plan.

  1. ADHD – inattentive
    Inattentive ADHD, commonly known as ADD, accounts for about 33% of all ADHD in adults. ADD, or inattentive ADHD, is characterised by difficulty focusing and attending to daily, mundane tasks. Individuals may be easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds, bouncing from one activity to another or becoming bored quickly.
  2. ADHD – hyperactive & impulsive
    Hyperactive and impulsive ADHD accounts for 7% of all ADHD in adults. The main symptoms are impulsivity and hyperactivity, while inattention may be secondary and not as much of a problem.
  3. ADHD – combined
    Combined ADHD accounts for about 60% of all ADHD in adults and, as the name suggests, is a combination of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. 

    It is important to have clarity regarding the different types of ADHD, since the way they present is different and more importantly the treatment – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological such as CBT, will vary with diagnosis. There are three main subtypes of ADHD.
    Dr Pablo Jeczmien MD  

If you think you might have ADHD, a diagnosis could help you make sense of behaviours and past decisions. Various treatments, including medication and therapy, can help manage all kinds of challenges, but the first step is to get an assessment.


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