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OpenHouse event: how does social media impact anxiety in women?

Posted on Tuesday, 12 October 2021, in OpenHouse Events, Homepage News, Anxiety & Stress

How does social media affect anxiety in women


For many of us, social media is an important part of everyday life. But while it comes with many benefits, it can also lead to serious mental health problems including diagnosed anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance.

We often see social media blamed for a list of mental health issues. But, as a relatively new and growing area of study, research is conflicting and many believe that overall awareness of mental health has in fact increased as a result of effective promotion through social platforms - whether you're a fan or not, there's no doubt social media gets people talking about important issues.


Social Media Anxiety Women


At this stage, more research is needed, and care should be taken when attempting to make a direct link between social media use and mental health.

Every user will have their own experience, and while many will spend countless hours scrolling seemingly unaffected, plenty more people will go on to experience negative feelings such as inadequacy, isolation, and FOMO (fear of missing out), all of which can lead to problems with depression and anxiety.

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On Wednesday 17th November Dr Jennifer Opoku will be joined by Metro Lifestyle Editor, Ellen Scott as they use their knowledge and personal experiences to explore the intricacies between social media use and anxiety in females.


Dr Jen Opoku


Dr Jennifer is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who has helped people with anxiety and depression, using proven strategies that challenge and change negative feelings prompted by social comparison.


Ellen C Scott


Ellen lives with OCD and depression and has been writing and commissioning on the topic of mental health for years. Through her work, both as Lifestyle Editor at Metro and as the host of podcast Mentally Yours, she hopes to connect with people struggling and show that no one is truly alone.

Together, Dr Jennifer and Ellen will explore Social Comparison Theory and the links between social media and anxiety, before sharing their advice and strategies on managing anxiety, combatting negative thoughts, and balancing your mental wellbeing.

Simply follow the link below to join the conversation.


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