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Clinical Partner - Dr Tamara Russell discusses Mindfulness with the Dalai Lama

Posted on Monday, 03 October 2011, in Mindfulness, Treatments & Therapy

Dr Tamara Russell met with the Dalai Lama last week to discuss the clinical applications of mindfulness in a session entitled States of Consciousness – Traditional knowledge meets Neuroscience in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tamara has been working with scientists from the Albert Einstein Hospital and the University of Sao Paulo to investigate what happens in the brain following extended periods of meditation – a study published in Neuroimage journal. Tamara met with His Holiness to speak about the clinical applications of mindfulness and how mindfulness training can support people suffering from psychiatric conditions. While in Brazil she also gave talks and training on the clinical applications of mindfulness. At Clinical Partners Dr Russell is able to offer Mindfulness therapy in London for a wide range of issues including: Mindfulness therapy for Bipolar, Mindfulness therapy for depression, Mindfulness therapy for ADHD, Mindfulness Therapy for Psychosis and Mindfulness based techniques for the work place. 

Dr Tamara Russell Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer & Therapist MSc, PhD, D Clin Psych

Dr Tamara Russell is a very warm, engaging and positive professional who has combined both extensive educational research and clinical experience.

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