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Adjusting to a cancer diagnosis

Wednesday, 14 December 2011.

Dealing with the Effect of Being Diagnosed with Cancer

There are better treatments all the time and more and more people are recovering from it. But there’s still no disease we fear like cancer. We fear the effects of the disease, the treatment, the impact it may have on our loved ones and our careers – and if we recover, the effect on the rest of our lives.

When presented with the diagnosis, therefore, we are unlikely to take in much of what the doctor is saying. Instead, we are trying to deal with a mass of conflicting emotions: shock, fear, anger, anxiety and, potentially, guilt being just a few.


How to Regain a Sense of Control?

Regaining some sense of control over your life is not easy. Naturally, you’ll expect support from your partner, family and friends – but they’ll be in shock too (and if you live alone, there may not be any obvious person to confide in any way).

This is why a specialist cancer counsellor can make an enormous difference. A therapist with the right experience and rapport will be able to get a real understanding of your total situation and help you – and your family, if necessary – navigate all your conflicting emotions and fears. You should then be able to take more control of your next steps: towards dealing with the disease and your treatment, and hopefully, beyond.


How Can Clinical Partners help?

Simply call our clinical team in confidence on 0203 326 9160 and we will recommend the most suitable therapist or support group for your individual situation. You can also fill in the form above if you would rather have us email you.


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