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Diagnosis and Treatment for Childhood Bipolar

If you are concerned that your child may have Bipolar Disorder or if you have been guided by a teacher or your GP that there may be a problem – Clinical Partners will be able to help you.

We offer Comprehensive Child and Teenager Bipolar Tests and Assessments from our team of leading Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrists.

By calling us on 0203 326 9160 we can arrange a private consultation with one of Consultants at a time convenient to you and your family.

Testing for Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosing Bipolar in Children can be difficult as it can be hard to tell whether the behaviour and mood swings are normal ups and downs, the result of a trauma or stress or due to another mental health condition like ADHD.

Normally a psychiatrist will undertake a specialist mental state assessment and review the psychiatric history. This will involve an assessment of the child including a physical examination (to rule out other medical conditions), a psychological evaluation and also medical and background history of the child and family as well as history of educational background.

The assessment needs to be comprehensive as Bipolar Disorder does not affect every child in the same way. The frequency, intensity, and duration of a child's symptoms and the child's response to treatment vary dramatically. So it is important to seek a paediatric consultant who specialises in this area to ensure a correct diagnosis and long-term treatment.

We have included a simple on line test that provides some guidance for you at home to see if there are signs of Bipolar in your child – this does not replace a professional assessment. Take the Test for Child Bipolar.

How can Clinical Partners help with Childhood Bipolar Disorder?

  • At Clinical Partners we have a team of very experienced and highly qualified paediatric Psychiatrists, Psychologists, therapists and educational psychologists who will be able to offer a comprehensive diagnosis as well as on-going treatment and support.
  • We offer a proper Multi-Disciplinary Approach to ensure the best care and attention is provided for your child.
  • We want you to fully understand the process and feel comfortable and assured by the assessment as well as the treatment plan.
  • Our team of Educational Psychologists will be able to offer additional support and help as well as provide guidance for SEN applications and working with your school on creating IEP's. (Individual Educational Plans)
  • We are able to offer On-going Treatment including medication, family support, psychotherapy and educational support.
  • We can offer you convenient Private Consultations at a number of locations.

Please call us on 0203 326 9160 to discuss your situation and arrange for a consultation.

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