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The Adoption Support Fund

Sunday, 16 October 2016. Posted in Adoption & Guardianship, Infographics, Parenting & Families

How it helps thousands of families every year

The Adoption Support Fund is a Government funded resource that is helping thousands of adopted children and their families living in England.  The fund can also be used for children under a Special Guardianship Order and can be used up until the age of 21 (or 25 if the young person has a SEN or EHCP). 

The fund enables access to therapeutic services, such as theraplay, CBT and family therapy as well as more complex multi-disciplinary assessments.  All children and young people will experiences challenges at times, it is after all part of growing up.  However, adopted children may have experienced trauma at some stage, perhaps early abuse or neglect and this can bring with it a different set of challenges that the fund can help with.

If you are interested in how the ASF might help your family then your first step is to contact your social worker, who will be able to advise on what therapies might be of use.  Your social worker can help you find a provider or you are able to suggest your own. 

Clinical Partners offers private mental health care to children, adults, families and businesses nationwide and works with many Local Authorities and families to supply ASF authorised therapies across the country. 


 adoption support fund infographic

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