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Posted on Thursday, 08 September 2011, in Mindfulness, Treatments & Therapy

We are delighted to announce Dr Tamara Russell will be joining Clinical Partners. She is a highly experienced Mindfulness therapist (MBCT). Mindfulness can be used to help clients with a range of issues depression, bi-polar affective disorder and psychotic disorders. It can also help individuals in their everyday lives by making them more effective and resilient to life's problems as well as helping them become more creative and achieve greater balance in their lives. She is running a course helping people to be more productive in their work lives.

We would like to wish a warm welcome to Tamara, we look forward to working with you.

Dr Tamara Russell Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer & Therapist MSc, PhD, D Clin Psych

Dr Tamara Russell is a very warm, engaging and positive professional who has combined both extensive educational research and clinical experience.

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