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Insights and News


Addiction and Mental Health at Work

Thursday, 05 September 2013. Posted in Occupational Health

Addiction and Mental Health at Work

We don’t necessarily expect to encounter mental health problems in the workplace, but as a recent survey by the Office for National Statistics revealed, almost 20% of people in the UK are affected by anxiety or depression, so we shouldn’t be ...

Professional Help for GP’s suffering from Burnout and Stress

Tuesday, 16 July 2013. Posted in Anxiety and Stress

If you are a GP affected by professional stress or burnout or simply wish to manage your well-being more effectively this evidence-based programme will be able to help you.

Professional Help for GP’s suffering from Burnout and Stress

Much has been written about GP’s suffering from Burnout and Stress at work recently. A recent survey of 500 British GPs published in BMJ Open found 46% of Doctors were emotionally exhausted, 42% were depersonalised and 34% felt they were not achieving a ...

Understanding the emotional and behavioural difficulties of teenagers

Thursday, 09 May 2013. Posted in Education and Mental Health

Every parent will testify that it can be very hard to keep up with a teenager’s moods. One moment happy and seemingly content the next ranting, rude and raging! The roller coaster everyone told you to expect has started – and you are not sure you have the safety harness to cope with it. This short piece outlines some of the changes in the teenage brain that may be causing some of the emotional and behavioural problems.

Recent studies into the brain development of adolescents may explain some of the emotional and behavioural issues your teenager is facing. 1. Increased Grey Matter Through puberty the grey matter in the brain increases in size and becomes more interconnected – it has ...

Helping children with emotional, behavioural, educational and mental health problems

Tuesday, 30 April 2013. Posted in Education and Mental Health

Clinical Partners is pleased to announce that they have now opened their Child, Adolescent and Family Service in London. With a team of leading Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists we are able to offer support and treatment for a wide range of child and teenage emotional, behavioural, educational and mental health problems.

A sad statistic that I read last week was that 1 in 10 children, in the UK, between the ages of 1 and 16 have a mental health disorder.  Within this, 45,000 children under 16 are experiencing a severe mental health ...

Why it’s important to seek professional diagnosis and treatment for bipolar disorder

Monday, 18 March 2013. Posted in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar takes on average 10.5 years to diagnose in the UK and misdiagnosis occurs on average 3.5 times. This is why it is important to seek specialist diagnosis and treatment for Bipolar.

One of the key issues with Bipolar Disorder is that it takes an average of 10.5 years to receive a correct diagnosis for bipolar in the UK and misdiagnosis occurs on average 3.5 times. 5% of People in the UK struggle with ...

Stress, Burnout and Addictions

Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Posted in Anxiety and Stress

Stress, Burnout and Addiction - more common than perhaps you may realise. This is not a minor condition it can really impact both your physical and mental well-being - so it is important to be able to recognise the signs and seek professional treatment for burnout and addictions as soon as possible.

Burnout comes from stress – stress from work pressures, problems with colleagues, family issues, and financial difficulties – in other words modern day life! It is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress. For some ...

Addiction and the Workplace - Infographic by Clinical Partners

Tuesday, 05 March 2013. Posted in Infographics, Occupational Health

  Ever wondered how many people in your office could be suffering from an addiction – whether that is alcohol, drugs or sex? Addictions don’t just stay in your personal life – they stay with you even when you are working – take ...

Addiction to Party Drugs

Wednesday, 24 October 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous


The rise of mid-life anorexia

Friday, 03 August 2012. Posted in Eating Disorders

Clinical Partner Adrianna Irvine spoke to the Daily Mail about the worrying increase in Anorexia in mid-life.

No longer a teenage illness – Anorexia can affect anyone of any age. Adrianna Irvine a Psychotherapist for Clinical Partners said ‘When someone starts such an extreme diet, chemical changes in the brain occur,’ she warns, ‘anorexia is an addiction to being ...

Legal Highs - finding out more information

Monday, 19 March 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Dr Alison Battersby discusses legal highs. Legal highs are becoming increasingly common however the impact that they can have on an individual is unknown. For some they can experience no problems but for others it can trigger psychosis. It is important to understand the impact of the drug you are using.

MDPV and MDPK may sound like a poor hand at Scrabble but they are actually a miniscule part of a burgeoning growth in legal highs.  Last week a Guardian/Mixmag poll of over 15,000 people revealed that a fifth of young drug ...

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