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A photo of Helen Reasbeck, Director for NHS Partnerships & Innovation for Clinical Partners

Helen Reasbeck

Director for NHS Partnerships & Innovation

She / her

Helen joined Clinical Partners in 2020 and immediately became integral to the business, leading strategic NHS business planning and implementation across the north of England.

Her career path is deeply rooted in healthcare, having held various senior NHS roles which include working as a commissioner for Doncaster CCG. This experience gave Helen an in-depth understanding of the diverse requirements and many challenges faced by regional NHS teams.

Having witnessed the difficulties faced by neurodiverse family members trying to access essential support, Helen has a strong personal connection that motivates her to support the NHS in its mission to improve vital patient services and access.

Helen's colleagues speak highly of her commitment to working transparently and honestly while keeping a positive outlook to help build lasting relationships and create bespoke, fully integrated solutions that deliver the highest quality care to people, families and communities.