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A photo of Rob Jennings, IT Director for Clinical Partners

Rob Jennings

IT Director

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Rob joined Clinical Partners in 2022, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the senior team. As IT Director, he oversees and directs service delivery for all systems while ensuring the successful delivery of new development into production. This pivotal role is crucial in enabling new features, functions, and technologies across the business.

With a career spanning over two decades, Rob started out as a support engineer, gaining valuable on-the-job training before becoming a developer. Over the years, Rob moved into leadership positions, managing support and development teams and eventually directing technical business functions.

His professional journey equipped him with broad experience in various industries, where he consistently demonstrated his capabilities in leading and managing technical teams and supporting rapid business growth, most notably in digital health.

Known for his professionalism, ambition, drive for success, and unwavering commitment to delivering all projects efficiently, Rob is passionate about harnessing technology to enhance the client experience - a sentiment that aligns perfectly with our collective goal to provide better access to essential clinical care.